Distinguish Yourself and Your Business through ISMP

The International Society of Meeting Planners (ISMP) offers the following professional designations to qualified members. Submit your application today and become a recognized professional within our industry.

CEP - Certified Event Planner

This designation is available to those who are actively involved in planning fairs, trade shows, parties and other special events.

CDS - Certified Destination Specialist

The CDS is an authority on the meeting-related services, attractions and unique opportunities offered by a specific city or region.

CEM - Certified Entertainment Manager

Specializing in booking entertainment for events and/or managing entertainers or professional talent (i.e., speakers, musicians, comedians, etc.), the CEM is an entertainment professional who collaborates effectively with meeting and event professionals.

CMC - Certified Meeting Consultant

This designation is for those who use their extensive meeting planning experience to consult with meeting/event sponsors on current or upcoming programs.

ITS - Incentive Travel Specialist

The ITS specializes in researching and arranging incentive tours, group discounts and other travel-related services.

RMP - Registered Meeting Planner

The RMP researches, and coordinates with, potential participants for meetings, seminars, panel discussions and conferences.

Affiliate Member

This membership level offers the same association benefits without a professional designation.